female, b. 8.1.2022

                                                                                        HD/ED: A/A, 0/0

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                                                                                  SCISSOR BITE                                                                                  


Eira's background picture © Laura Hanni


obedience & herding


  • HUU +/+MDR1 +/+CEA +/+DM +/+NCL8 +/+prcd-PRA +/+PRA +/+ (clear)
  • DCM +/- carrierEAOD +/- (Early Adult Onset Deafness) carrier 
  • DNA-profile (WISDOM PANEL)


16 kg


              48 cm (unofficial)

Dogs have a way for finding those who need them the most. They fill a void we didn't even know we had.

Eira came to me in March 2022 from Sweden. I went to Gothenburg to pick her up, and it was love at first sight. When I entered the puppy room, Eira was one of the first to greet me. She jumped straight into my arms, as if to say, "you're my person," and didn't leave me alone after that. The breeder  said she hadn't been like that with other strangers. I guess it was some sort of soulmate connection from the very first meeting.

Everything with Eira has felt incredibly easy during her puppyhood. Eira is lively, kind, and intense, but she has a great off switch. She is eager for contact and always aims to please. Eira is very used to traveling; she has accompanied me to several different places due to my work trips. She's high spirited but not overly hyper. There's a hint of sharpness and a strong guarding and protecting drive in her. However, Eira is quite sensible and approaches new things calmly but with open curiousity. 

Eira learns best through offering and shaping behaviors. She has a relatively strong prey drive, good and strong herding instincts, and is always ready to work. In training, her favorite reward is a toy, especially small squeaky balls,  but food comes as a close second. There have been no issues with food; she doesn't have food allergies or itching problems. I can confidently feed her almost anything. Eira is the most serious one in our pack, but she's always happy to cuddle when off-duty. She sleeps curled up next to me every single night.

Eira has quite the personality. Sometimes she'll sass me back when I remind her of certain boundaries. Nevertheless, she's soft with her handler. There's a soft side underneath her tough exterior. Or is it the other way around? Both sides of Eira are easily visible.

Eira isn't a dog park dog and prefers to get to know new acquaintances calmly. She doesn't tolerate overly enthusiastic dog friends invading her space. She has gotten along with everyone she's met so far and lives peacefully in a household with three dogs. She's a bit particular about her resources, but I think she's always acted sensibly with her younger dog sister. You don't have to tolerate everything!

She greets people calm and nicely. She'll come over to get to know them first, then decides if she likes them and either enjoys the attention or goes to sleep. Usually she likes people, and stays gladly for some scratches. In leash, she is a little bit protective towards me, and I have not let any of my dogs greet strangers on the streets.

Eira's main sport is definitely obedience  - she shines brightly there. She's also quite good at using her nose, and I plan to start tracking in lower levels. Additionally, Eira herds regularly. When herding, Eira is fearless, intense, but calm. Sometimes, she forgets her breaks, but she is unbeliavably good at listening to me when we're at work. She uses her eyes a lot and reads the flock well. She has excellent body control and had amazing body awareness already as a tiny puppy. Any stiffness is sorted out by a massage therapist, and she doesn't get stiff easily.

So far, Eira has charmed everyone who has met her: pet store sellers, veterinarians, trainers, passersby, and my friends! To outsiders, Eira appears obedient and well-behaved, but deep down, she's a little firecracker. I'm very pleased with the dog she's become. I eagerly anticipate the future - and whatever it may bring!