How would I ever come up with any sensible name that wouldn't reflect in any particular direction within the lines in aussies as a breed? It should be beautiful, but also have some meaning in it. Wait a moment... Marmorette!! Marmorette reflects my mindset behind my breeding work. Marmorette is a twist on the words "marionette" and "marble". Marble and puppet theater! I myself act as the apparent director of the puppet theater, and sometimes I hold on to the strings desperately when this puppet theater performs. But always, absolutely always, I stand behind my breeding work, my choices, and my dogs. This puppet theater aspect is also present in hobbies. I seem to have the strings in my hands, but what's even better; the strings are invisible, and the dogs want to work with me. Then working with a dog is like the most beautiful puppet theater - Marmorette!

What is my ideal Australian Shepherd like?

For me, the ideal Aussie is versatile, lively, agile, brave, balanced, and eager to please. An Aussie should be soft towards its handler, but personally, I prefer dogs with moderate toughness. I strive to breed Australian Shepherds that are practical, sensible, and true to the breed, yet have the drive for any activity. In my opinion, the best thing about Australian Shepherds is their super versatility as hobby dogs! My goal is to preserve the breed's origin and purpose, without drastically altering the breed type. While Aussies are indeed beautiful dogs, I primarily see them as versatile hobby, and working dogs. So with that being said:  I breed dogs mostly for hobbies.

A dog is always primarily a family member, and it should be able to live a normal life with people. It's important that everyday life with the dog is enjoyable. I evaluate dogs as a whole. In my breeding selections, I aim for balance and always try to assess dogs both in activities and at home. A dog should know how to relax at home. My view is that a working breed like the Australian Shepherd should be as physically healthy as possible. Additionally, a balanced temperament is another cornerstone of my breeding. A dog should not be aggressive or fearful under any circumstances. An Australian Shepherd doesn't need to be overly social, but it should be open, curious and friendly towards the world. Malicious or deviousness is not characteristic of the breed. The Australian Shepherd's coat must be weather-resistant but moderate. I don't aim for exaggerated breed types in any direction. I also don't want to create line distributions; instead, I aim to look at the dog as a whole. There's no such thing as a perfect breeding dog, but with my breeding selections, I can help and develop the breed in the desired direction.


Saana Blomster 

I'm nearly 30 years old, a passionate dog enthusiast from Lapland. Currently, I'm studying animal training, with the aim of building a career with dogs. We've always had dogs at home. There seems to be some kind of dog madness in the family, as several of us have ended up breeding some breed or another.

With the Australian Shepherd Almira, I completely fell in love with the world of dog hobbies and breeding in 2019. Through Almira, I've delved deeper into dog hobbies and their secrets. I've tried several sports, and I've gained some competition experience in obedience and rally obedience. Herding and dog sports, such as search and tracking, have captured my interest. What appeals to me most is that dogs get to use their natural instincts, and humans just "enjoy the ride". I love being in nature, and I enjoy spending time in forests and fields. A rugged look is part of everyday life. Dog shows provide a good balance to these other activities. I don't necessarily agree with everything in the show world, but I'm particularly pleased when a confident dog performs effortlessly. So, in any dogsport, I value extensive training and the illusion of ease it brings to the followers.

My first encounter with Australian Shepherds was as a teenager. I was interested in their energetic nature, but later I became completely thrilled with the breed and started studying dogs more closely. Nowadays, I spend a lot of my free time diving deeper into the breed and pedigrees. I read a lot of articles, always keep my eyes open. I listen and ask questions. And here we are now, 15 years later; on a crazy Aussie journey. A journey I never want to end.