LT jch. Soradel Caramel Kiss 

female, b. 22.4.2021

HD/ED: B/B 0/0









DM +/+

PCR +/+

NCL6 +/+

NCL8 +/+

MDR1 +/+

prcd-PRA +/+

CEA +/+

PRA +/+


"- I don't need anything as much as I need honey," said Pooh, looking at Christopher Robin and Piglet, "- except for friends. Friendship is when you close your eyes and think of your friend. Then the muscles of your cheeks begin to pull up towards your ears so that all the wrinkles smooth out." - Winnie the Pooh

Masha came to us spontaneously from Slovakia when the breeder who owned  Masha informed that she needed a new home quickly. They no longer got along with her mother, and the breeder didn't have the resources to keep two strong-willed females in the same pack. I took action because I had already seen the dog when I was picking up Verna. I had a rough idea of what she was like, and I just thought she was a funny and amusing type overall.

In November 2023, Masha arrived to Finland, and after being with us for a day, she moved to Oulu with Sofia. The first meeting between these two was something incredible to watch because Masha almost like announced to Sofia, "here I am, now I'm moving in with you! Oh, and by the way, I really like you." The level of trust from the very first meeting has been indescribably amazing to witness. Especially from a dog who isn't generally so fond of strangers. I knew then, that Masha was either moving in with Sofia, or not moving anywhere. So thank you, Sofia, for joining this team!

Overall, Masha is a very balanced dog. The environment; other dogs, people, cars, traffic (you name it), are like air to her. That's why she's a very easy companion in any situation.

Like the typical aussie, she is quite careless towards people she doesn't know. I wouldn't call her shy by any means; she just simply doesn't care about unknown people. However, in dog shows, Masha behaves coolly and calmly; she doesn't mind being handled or touched. However, I would hope for her to have a bit more self-awareness in the ring. Although, with training she has started to think its fun to be in the ring! Masha isn't a dog who particularly loves being in the spotlight, so the training makes a big difference in her.

However, I see Masha as a sensible and social dog. Being the only puppy in the litter, she hasn't really learned to share her resources. However, while being with us and Sofia, she has shared space with other dogs without problems. She tries to avoid conflicts at all costs and, as a sign of intelligence, often avoids these type of situations. However, she's a relatively strong leader type of female, so I didn't want to put her in a large dog pack. In my opinion, Masha, like all my other dogs, needs clear rules and authority to be able to live in a pack. So, in this perspective, she's not a "problem dog" either.

Masha is a cheerful, friendly, and active dog. In temperament, she's relatively calm, and you can't expect big reactions from her in any direction. Her world can only accommodate one person at a time, and she worships the ground Sofia walks on. So she's a very loyal and trusting companion. Masha does hoopers, and agility. She just simply loves it. Masha did agility in her previous home too. She eats well. She plays and fights well, but I would hope for a bit more preydrive in playing. She could be a bit more audacious and ruthless for my taste - although with time she has started to show this side of her too. Also Sofia has reported that she's starting to show certain piglet-like traits in training, which I think is only a good thing.

In perfect package, she would also have a bit more of a certain kind of power. Overall, though, I really like Masha a lot. She's a dog who stands on her own feet, and you can put her in any situation without fearing that she'll do something stupid. Masha is also so joyful and friendly that it's infectious.

Masha has been declared completely healthy in terms of both x-rays and genetic tests.


50 cm


23,5 kg

Sofia tells about Masha in her own words:

In character, Masha is kind,friendly, and energetic. She enjoys doing things together with her own human. Masha also wants to do things right.

Handling procedures goes smoothly. She usually just stands still, waiting to be released.

Everyday life with Masha is easy. You can safely leave her alone at home. She doesn't destroy things or bark when left alone. She is calm at home and also quite quiet. She might bark if she hears strange noises from the yard, but usually just goes to look out the window.

She likes to be where I am, but she's not necessarily a lap dog. However, she sleeps in bed next to me at night. You can confidently take Masha anywhere.

In training, Masha is motivated by food, toys, and social rewards. However, squeaky balls are the best thing ever! I wished for more assertiveness and persistence from Masha in training, though.

Overall, Masha is a happy goofball, and living with her is easy and enjoyable.