We have puppyplans for Masha fall 2024.

Before asking about puppies, I would kindly request reading the useful articles I have collected täältä

The Australian Shepherd is as its best a nice and easygoing family member, but it also requires plenty of behavioral training, boundaries, love, and sometimes a bit of teeth-gritting. The Aussie's motto would clearly be 'because I can,' which means that sometimes they act in a way that is entirely wrong according to human standards. They don't stop to ask permission when the time comes to act. Aussies often seem to be two steps ahead of humans. They are frighteningly smart dogs and surely read your thoughts. Therefore, please assess your own capabilities realistically and honestly when reaching out.

Puppy from us?

I primarily sell puppies to homes that are active and committed to meeting the dog's breed-specific needs. The home must be dedicated to invest time and money in the puppy's socialization and training.

Each dog is an individual, and although I strive to minimize all health and/or behavioral issues as a breeder, unfortunately, they can still arise. Treating a sick dog is expensive, and dealing with a dog with problems/behavioral issues requires a commitment to training the dog, of course, on its terms. So, I expect commitment to the dog, both in good and bad times.

It's important for me to stay in touch with my puppies and hear updates from them. I want to support the owners of my puppies throughout the dog's lifetime. Therefore, I offer myself to support and guide the owners of my puppies whenever and wherever I can, as good as possible. You will receive my lifelong support and security.

I expect that my puppies will be health examinated, at least the spine and hips. This way, you would support my breeding work best.

Marmorette puppy is:


  • moving to a new home after being examined by a veterinarian

  •  registered (in the Finnish Kennel Club/FCI and optionally with ASCA)

  • microchipped

  • dewormed

  • eye-checked

  • getting a puppy package

  • growing up in a normal home environment, accustomed to the normal sounds of life.

  • has been extensively socialized. I strongly believe in early socialization and want to take time while the puppies are still at home to expose them to different environments, places, sounds, people, traveling, and handling as much as possible.