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16 kg 

45 cm 

"The great joy of having a dog is that a person can be silly in its company, and it doesn't scold but joins in the silliness itself."

Verna is my surprise puppy from Slovakia. Verna came to us in September 2022, and it feels like she's always been with us. Originally, we weren't supposed to have another puppy, but Verna's mother and grandmother reminded me so much of Almi, and I fell head over heels for them. Then it was a done deal, and there was no turning back.

Verna is quite a lively character - she acts first and thinks later. Although it has became better with time. She's very active, curious, and cheerful. Verna loves children and people. Other dogs have always been nice too, and Verna can comfortably interact with just about any dog. Like my other girls, she does'nt like overly social dogs, and wants to take greetings calmly. Normally, Verna is quite brave and outgoing. She's an extremely easy travel companion, and I can take her anywhere. You just have to be with her and go! So far, Verna seems very well-balanced for a young Aussie.

Verna is easily motivated by toys and food. She enjoys prey games, and she has a fair amount of fighting spirit, she loves physical playing. Verna loves to jump, and I've shamelessly used that in her trainings too. Social rewards have been built quite successfully. Physically, Verna is very fast and strong. She loves to run. I hope Verna becomes an allround dog in the future. Although our journey has been quite slow - she gets pressured, if I demand her too much. We have been training basics for rally-obedience for a while, and I like what I see! Foundations for obedience and some fieldwork have been laid too for Verna. We've also done some herding. Verna has many good qualities of a working dog. She's independent, loves to use her nose, and has a certain drive in her movements. Verna is a bit ruthless. She doesn't apologize for her existence. However, even this rascal is kind and obedient, when having  black-and-white rules with her, at least most of the time!

Exterior wise, she developes quite slow. We have been attending some shows, but like her half-sister, she would need a little bit more self-confidence. I have been training her, with the mental state in mind. And I see a lot of profress! Slowly but surely, she is becoming a little diamond of mine.

Overall, Verna is a very nice young Aussie, a true Goofy! She's a feel-good dog, and she doesn't take life too seriously. I'm eagerly looking forward to where life takes us with her as well.